This IMS sponsored mini-meeting will have a flavor of workshop and will be designed to develop interaction among the participating Statisticians ,Social scientists and Agricultural scientists by the way of  exchanging their ideas.Effort will be made to identify the gap between the available theory and their practice. That will further be strengthened by the  discussion on the latest ideas , concepts and applications of Statistical methods in the field of social science and agricultural science. Impact assessment of some program ,modeling of social  and agricultural phenomenon,study of variability in the field data, prediction , etc. are some major areas where the social scientists and agricultural scientists need help of statistician for a valid conclusion.Discussion will also be made on available statistical packages for the purpose of data analysis and their right use.This workshop is interesting in the sense that it will help reach Statistics to a group  of  scientists who lack in the appropriate knowledge of Statistical methods and such a workshop is  very important because  the inherent complexity in the data arising out of the context of Social science and agricultural science research  makes the thing difficult to apply the standard statistical practices.Variability in the data exists at different levels because of the presence of dependence of unknown nature.Qualitative nature of the data,non-normal distributionof the underlying variable,errors in measurements ,unavailability of some observations  are some of the many reasons which prevent the direct application of the existing theory  and this meeting will try to see  how the statisticians can  come out successful for rescue .